According to the highest standards

Aircraft have to function under all circumstances and in every situation. That is why we carry out both inspections and maintenance according to the very highest standards of quality. For us, safety always comes first, and we know the needs and requirements in the field of commercial aviation just as well as the challenges in the field of private aviation. You can expect us to provide qualified maintenance and repair work – whether it is for individual aircraft or for entire fleets.

Our service offer for you

To ensure a comfortable and safe flight, functional tests and troubleshooting are carried out according to the regulatory guidelines. In the field of avionics, we specialise on the modification, maintenance and repair of the on-board electrical and electronic equipment, including flight instruments.

Aircraft maintenance

You will receive a comprehensive service for aircraft maintenance work. Airworthiness checks are just as much a part of the service as the necessary maintenance. In addition to inspecting your aircraft, we will also be pleased to carry out any necessary repairs directly and in consultation with you, to ensure that your aircraft remains safe and ready for flight operations. The maintenance is carried out according to the manufacturers’ specifications and the highest quality standards. Our goal: to ensure your aircraft performs well at all times, and to guarantee the longest possible service life as well as low wear and tear.

Aircraft repairs

In the event of damage caused by corrosion, structural damage or other damage caused by ground or flight operations, our team of specialists will carry out the professional repair work. Our service includes the damage assessment by expert personnel, the reporting, including the cost estimates, the necessary procurement of spare parts and the required repair work by trained specialists. The inspection, assessment and repair work are completed according to high aviation standards and European regulations. The replacement of parts and the completion of modifications and repairs are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s documentation. For you and your aircraft, we will find the quickest, best and most economical way to establish and maintain the airworthiness.


At the heart of every aircraft is its electronic communication and navigation system. The avionics are of instrumental importance to the safety and success of the aircraft. We are just as specialised in the repair and maintenance of more recent components and systems as we are in older systems. We carry out reliable and professional fault analysis as well as troubleshooting, and can offer all the advantages of a modern maintenance and servicing company. From installation and conversion work to modifications, all the way through to inspections and the repair of avionics and components – we locate faults reliably and carry out major and minor maintenance work. It goes without saying that we carry out our services in accordance with the current official requirements regarding safety and airworthiness. Whether it is annual inspections or repairs – our team of specialists and latest inspection equipment ensure qualified maintenance with binding conditions.

This is where we are at your service.

At an attractive location for aviation: Siegerland Airport. In a central location nestling between North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse.

It goes without saying that safety and the highest quality-related requirements are the top priorities in the area of aviation maintenance and repair. We are also rock solid in standing up for our values – that’s something you can be sure of.


Well-rehearsed and licensed services for aircraft maintenance and repairs of the highest quality – to ensure that your aircraft is airworthy at all times.


We localise and rectify errors on a reliable basis. You can also rely on us outside our opening times. With AOG, we don’t waste any time.


Short layovers and long flight times. Well-designed processes and good planning allow you to achieve sustainable cost savings.


To ensure the safe operation of your aircraft, our team of specialists goes to work with the utmost degree of precision and technical skill – whether they are analysing faults or rectifying them.


Many years of experience in the aviation sector and detailed knowledge of aircraft: our maintenance and repair specialists have specialised, technical know-how from the aviation industry.

Hard work and dedication.

Personal and individual advice and support, to provide a service which is customised to you and your aircraft. You will get to feel how enthusiastic we are for the world of aviation.

Good reasons to entrust us with the safety of your aircraft.

Personal contact for individual orders

In almost no other industry are trust and safety so important. That is why it is particularly important for us to have close personal discussions with you. Just call us or send us an email. We will be pleased to provide you with detailed advice at a non-binding initial consultation, and can implement your order as quickly as possible if required.